You Only Live Once: Own a MINI

The Mini Cooper is a proof that great drives come in a small package. Being one of cutest, most luxurious, and most feature-packed cars in the world, it is a highly desired creation by both men and women.

If you are also captivated by its charm, don’t let the chance pass by to own this British masterpiece. Keep in mind that life is short for boring drives.

Here are some of the great reasons why owning a Mini Cooper in Dubai is worth it.

Unique Design

The design of this British creation has evolved over decades, but in efforts to pay tribute to the original Mini, it still retains the same shape, theme, and design. Thus, you can recognize it even if it’s miles away owing to its size and appearance that is truly befitting to an urban environment.

Awe-Inspiring Agility and Performance

The ironic thing about this automaker is that its creations are small but powerful. Featuring capable engines with impressive performance stats, the more agile Mini Cooper S versions can contend even with the greatest cars on the race track. Among the factors that set it apart from others are its nimbleness and go-kart dynamics.

Unbelievably Spacious

Because Mini is small, you will surely assume that it lacks storage and cabin space. However, the ironic thing is that it offers plenty of space even for tall people. While it may not have much boot space, it is sufficient for cases and medium-sized bags.

Own it at a Competitive Price

In many cases, the new generation of Mini is far from affordable. However, you can still get a chance to own it if you will opt for a Mini pre-owned car.  Given that a Mini used car depreciates fast, opting for it makes a lot of sense.

Rich Racing Heritage

Believe it or not, the Mini was one of those vehicles that contended in the Monte Carlo Rally held back in the 50s and 60s. Hence, its speed and power will never disappoint you.

These are just some of the great reasons why you need to own a Mini in UAE. Want to check out the best Mini deals and Mini offers this season?

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