Car Buying and Selling Made Quick and Easy

Offering the widest range of new and used luxury British, German, American, and Italian automobiles, Sun City Motors is known as one of the premier car showrooms in Dubai. Our management and sales departments have been working hand in hand over the years to ensure that every customer gets the best car at the most competitive rate as well as excellent service. Part of our company’s culture is not resting on our laurels–as the demand for new and used luxury cars in Dubai soars, we endeavor to better improve our services in the years to come.

Drop by our showroom today and choose from a wide range of Dubai luxury cars for sale! You will not regret choosing us as your new and pre-owned cars dealer.

We look forward to serving you best.

A Few Good Reasons to Choose Us:

  • Sun City Motors offers a stress-free car buying or selling process.

  • We offer a wide range of car makes and models to suit your needs and budget.

  • Our team of knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you.

  • Part exchange is always welcome.

  • We guarantee value for your money.

Sun City Motors Services

Mechanical Checks

Our cars are thoroughly checked and approved by either of our sister companies, Elite Motors Services or Premier Car Care, before they are displayed at our showroom. Through this process, we are able to answer the following questions:

  • How has the vehicle been driven by previous owners (only applicable to pre-owned vehicles)?
  • Is the vehicle in good working condition?
  • Was regular maintenance performed?
  • Does the vehicle have hidden or existing problems, or have some systems been tampered with to hide problems?
  • Has the vehicle ever been in an accident? If so, was the damage small and non-structural? Where was it repaired?

Theft & Write-Off Check

We ensure that all vehicles are checked for not being previously stolen and the insurance company does not have any claim. It is unwise to buy a theft-related insurance write-off vehicle as the insurer can repossess the car at any time. Theft write-offs are owned by the insurance company that paid out when the vehicle was stolen from the previous owner. We recommend that you don’t buy theft write-offs unless you have written confirmation from the insurer that they no longer own the vehicle.

Finance Settlement Check

All our vehicles are guaranteed free from any finance commitments. Our finance settlement check is an additional service that aims to make your car shopping a stress-free experience.

Mileage Checks

Mileage fraud is a constant problem in the automotive industry. Purchasing and reselling a vehicle with fraudulent mileage will not only tarnish your reputation, but could also lead to prosecution and heavy fines. With Vehicle Mileage Check, you will be protected against the potential dangers of fraud by verifying mileage against data from a number of sources. Hence, you will have peace of mind and ensure to constantly receive excellent service. Putting high importance on transparency, you can rest assured that all our vehicles are sold with the correct stated mileage.

We Handle Your Insurance Concerns

We have connections with the most reputable insurance companies here in Dubai. We also take pride in our team’s knowledge and experience in seeking the best deal for you.

RTA Approved

In line with its vision of ensuring a safe and smooth transport for all, the RTA launched a number of Vehicle Testing Centers (VTC) around Dubai to provide various services related to vehicle inspection. Thus, all our vehicles are subjected to RTA test when required.

Warranty is Available

All new cars come with agency warranties, from comprehensive bumper-to-bumper policies to those that cover specific components. We always ensure to check the status of each car warranty and pass it on to the new owner for their use. If an additional warranty is required and is available with the vehicle being purchased, we will of course offer this to our customers as well.

Let us Arrange Your Finance

We strive to provide you with exciting and convenient financing options to make your dream of owning a luxury car become a reality. The following are just some of the perks of dealing with us:

  • Lowest % profit rates
  • Lowest % down payment possible
  • Quick approval process
  • Repayment period of up to 60 months

Our goal is to make your car shopping as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.

Our Approved Bank List

• Dubai Islamic Bank
• HSBC Bank
• Noor Bank
• Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
• Standard Chartered Bank
• Commercial Bank International
• Emirates Islamic Bank
• RAK Bank
• Arab Bank

Service Contract is Available

We are proud to be one of the leading dealerships in Dubai that offer benefits designed to enhance your car buying and selling experience. As per your request and at a competitive price, we will provide your vehicle with service contracts (frequently referred to as extended warranties).

For more details about our extended warranty plans and their coverage, please speak to our sales representatives.

Part-Exchange your Current Vehicle

Part-exchange is welcome in our showroom. We will have one of our approved partners Elite Motors Services or Premier Car Care check your vehicle and offer you the best price possible. Putting a high value on integrity, you can count on our fairness and transparency.

One of Dubai's Best Car Dealerships

Sun City Motors is a one-stop shop for all your car buying and selling needs. Our showroom houses the widest range of brand new and used luxury cars, so you have several makes and models to choose from. Our passion for cars and excellent customer service has paved the way for us to make a mark in the industry. Hence, you will never go wrong in choosing us.

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