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There is nothing wrong in buying a used Mercedes benz in Dubai as you can save much than opting for a brand new one and yet still experience all the features that only this luxury car brand can offer. However, it is imperative to be smart when you purchase as you might suffer the consequences in the end.

To tell you the truth, the most critical decision you have to make is where to purchase the pre-owned Mercedes Benz Dubai. Obviously, you can purchase this luxury car from an individual owner and get the best deal. However, there are serious advantages to purchasing a certified pre-owned Mercedes Dubai from an approved car dealer.

The premier German automaker prides itself on the quality of its certified, pre-owned cars as it purposely makes the certification process arduous. Each vehicle is put through nine various inspections, with a total of 162 different checks. This comprises a complete check of the engine compartment and components (28 points), a check of the electrical system (33 points), and a road test (14 points).

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Mercedes desires a certified, pre-owned car to be as close to new quality as it can be, and the results are a testament to it. Every used Mercedes benz in Dubai has a complete limited warranty and any remaining part of the four-year/50,000 mile new vehicle warranty still applies. Beyond that, the warranty extends the coverage to another year, or up to 100,000 total miles. This warranty takes effect at the time of vehicle delivery for any luxury car in Dubai that is no longer covered by the new car warranty.

Another great thing about buying a Mercedes Benz in Dubai is that you will be provided with a Mercedes Extended Warranty that covers everything imaginable, including the engine and power-train, brakes, transmission, steering, and so on. This doesn’t come with a deductible, and it can be transferred to a new owner once the used Mercedes Benz in Dubai is sold.

What’s more, you will be provided with 24-hour roadside assistance, just like brand new Mercedes Benz owners do. Sign and Drive services will also be offered, which are designed to give a free flat tire change, jump-start, or gas if the tank is empty and you are stranded.

There are a lot of advantages in buying Mercedes cars for sale from a reputable car dealer in Dubai. So, embark on a journey now in finding the best used Mercedes car for sale!

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