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Interesting Trivia About Cadillac
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Searching for a luxury car that will satisfy your deepest craving for a great adventure on the road without compromising your comfort and penchant for luxury? Cadillac in Dubai is a perfect choice as it combines all the remarkable factors for a fulfilling road trip. To make your purchase of a Cadillac new car or Cadillac used car a more glorious experience, take time to know more about the interesting facts and history behind this famed American luxury brand.

Here they are:

  1. A key player in the automotive realm, this marque is headquartered in Michigan, USA and owned by General Motors. It has a global footprint in North America and 37 other countries.
  2. The coat of arms of the company was designed and created by its founder Henry Leland, in 1687. This was also around the same time he tied the knot in 1687.
  3. Cadillac was earlier known to concentrate on mass production, but has also established itself as one of the leading car manufacturers in America.
  4. It is also famous for being the second oldest American automaker after General Motors.
  5. In 2012, the automaker sold around 150,000 cars in the USA while China is its second largest market in the world.
  6. Cadillac has developed and advanced the V8 engine, which is known as the contemporary standard for the American car industry.
  7. According to history, Cadillac models from the 1970s such as the 1972 Calais and 1972 Fleetwood focused more on elevated luxury and dimensional aspects.
  8. For the new century, the automaker chose ‘art and science’ as its design theme as it desires to shy away from the retro revival as heavily exuded by models such as the XLR roadster.
  9. The word cranky was coined in reference to the bad mood of drivers as a result of their struggle in turning the crank while starting the car. In efforts to address this issue, Cadillac unveiled the first-ever electric starter on its Model 30 in 1912.
  10. History books claim that Cadillac was the first-ever vehicle that featured electric lights. This also entailed the launch of high-beams, also known today as “brights”.

Now that you already know the amazing facts about Cadillac and how it pioneered some of the most groundbreaking automotive technologies in history, it is time to research on the model that you wish to own and the right Cadillac dealership where you can purchase it from.

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