I would like to write this feedback for Kai, who helped me purchase my car from Sun City Motors.

It was a great experience buying a vehicle from Sun City Motors. Not only were the range of cars available superb and diverse, but each and every car was in really good condition. I was very surprised with the amount of effort Sun City puts in to patch up and polish all of their used cars. But the best part of the experience was speaking with Kai and all his inputs in helping me decide the best car for me.

It was a pleasure speaking with Kai. His knowledge of all the vehicles in the showroom and the key differences between the various brands was very useful. It was so refreshing to see that Kai wasn’t in the rush to sell us a car and make his sales targets. He truly has the customer’s best interest in mind.

Not only did I have a great sales experience with Kai and Sun City, in finding the best car for me, I was very impressed with the after sales help that was provided. Kai was quick to help in sorting out some issues I was facing with the car, which even AGMC refused to help me with.

I had a great experience purchasing my vehicle at Sun City Motors and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking out for used Cars.


  • March 24, 2018
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