Hamid Jamil

I feel pleasure sharing with you an excellent experience with your colleague Mr. Ghazwan Hatem.

Though having worked in the UAE, the thrill of using good cars is historic in my life; however; the experience at Sun City Motors is different all together.
The personalized service extended by Mr. Ghazwan, Sales Executive made the moments memorable and I felt more confident in your product. I would like to convey my sincere thanks for the high level of customer service provided by him during my previous visits. The credit of selling me car for the second time goes to him.I trust that he fits very well in his role. His amiable temperament and excellent explanation of vehicle won my heart as a customer. He was too kind to advise me appropriately to make best use of money I spend.

I wish him success in his professional and personal lives and hope that he will continue to satisfy the customers with same zeal and enthusiasm.
I am also thankful to all team members who were too courteous and kind.

No doubt, you are lucky to have him in your team.

I also look forward to using Sun City Motors in future.

  • December 5, 2018
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