Hi Elio

I love the car & am very happy. We were both very pleased with the service received from you & also the condition of the car when we received it. Everything we needed doing you sorted really well for us, which was great & you were always very timely with your responses to our questions. This was really helpful as we have just moved to Dubai so your guidance was very much appreciated.

Just one thing re the parking assist – this doesn’t appear to be working on the car. The rear view camera is fine, however the lines that appear for when you need to park aren’t visible. When you press the parking assist button it says on the dashboard ‘parking assist not available’. We’ve looked in the manual to see if you need to set anything but can’t get it working. Do you know how to re set it or if you feel it needs fixing please?

Many thanks & have a good day

  • March 24, 2018
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