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Why is GMC a Car You Can Count On?

General Motors Company, more commonly known as GMC and formally the GMC Division of General Motors (GM), is one of the largest and most successful automakers in the USA. With a rich history that started in 1908, its legacy continues to this day through the wide array of powerful and uniquely designed models that it produces in 37 countries worldwide.

If you are captivated by the reliability and beauty of GMC in Dubai, it pays to know some interesting facts about it first before you decide to make a purchase.

They are as follows:

  1. If there’s one thing that General Motors is famous for, that is the acquisition of other car marques. Over the years, it has purchased and sold several firms. Hence, the list of firms included under the umbrella of this automaker is ever-changing. The current ones include Cadillac, Wuling, Holden, GMC, Chevrolet and Buick.
  2. Owning a GMC in Dubai is a great decision given that GM implements environmental initiatives. Through the years, the company has spent considerable time in the research and development of alternative technologies that will enable them to manufacture cars with minimal impact on the environment. The automaker produced its first-ever full-sized hybrid electric pickup in 2004.
  3. Another great thing about GM is that it is active in charity work and philanthropy. Nature Conservancy is one of the major causes it supports, and between 1994 and today, the company has donated over $23 million in cash and cars to this charity.
  4. The company is associated with medical science research. A team of engineers and scientists at GM developed the first-ever mechanical heart pump in the world, thus making open heart surgery possible. The team developed their design utilizing their own equipment and facilities.
  5. GM has always been the foremost company to utilize a number of cutting-edge components in the cars the produce. In 1939, the company was the first to develop and install an automatic transmission system as well as to launch the standard equipment turn signal. After two decades, GM produced the first hydrogen fuel cell. Moreover, it was the first to manufacture an anti-lock braking system which was unveiled in 1972.

Whether you are searching for a GMC brand new or GMC pre-owned car for sale, you will be able to purchase the one you desire at a competitive price. Just make sure to deal with the right GMC dealership and take advantage of amazing GMC offers and GMC deals.

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