David Connolly

Purchased 2017 Black Jaguar XF. I’ll start with the positive. The salesman was Shiraz and he was very efficient. He dealt with registration and insurance with absolute minimum input from me. He was quick to confirm the warranty/servicing situation. The car was ready very quickly and I am so far very pleased with the vehicle. The showroom is well presented as are each of the cars. This gives a good first impression. My negative comments are:

  1. Sun City advises registration is included but as soon as one bargains a better price than advertised, that disappears. The bargain just became less of a bargain by the best part of AED900. This is not a good move. It reduces the amount Sun City gives up but, in my case at least, it makes me think twice about the next time I’ll buy a car, which might not be so long because we may change my wife’s car soon.
  2. When viewing the car questions about included features such as an adaptive cruise or cooled seats could not be answered immediately.
  • July 11, 2019
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