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Hummer Car Buying and Selling Services

Featuring a distinctive appearance and military-grade strength, a Hummer proves to be an unmistakable vehicle that has stood the test of time. The fame of this iconic marque began in 1983 when AM General started building High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, also known as Humvees, for the US Army. Come 1992, they ventured into making civilian models, called Hummers. Sell any car in Dubai

Being a built-tough creation, this marque has become a favorite among motorists who love extreme road trip adventures on any terrain. No wonder, it is enjoying huge popularity in the Middle East especially in Dubai.

Among the avant-garde features that make Hummer stand out from the competition are as follows:

  • Special lighting – Amber marker lights are installed on the front exterior of the cabin while the rear CABIN is equipped with red marker lights.
  • Run-flat tires – These come with rubber spacer assemblies inside each wheel, thus allowing you to drive on one or more flat tires for up to 48 km at 20 mph.
  • Driver Information Center – Available in some models, this offers up to 28 warnings for particular vehicle functions and enables two drivers to customize their driving environment.
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