For over 18 years, we have been making dream-come-true moments for anyone who wants to own a luxury car. This is made possible by our flexible payment plans as well as the strong relationship with banks which enable an easy and convenient financing and purchasing process. We also take pride in our team of in-house finance experts who dedicatedly provide the highest level of assistance and service to every customer who drops by at our showroom.
Hence, whether you are buying a brand new or pre-owned luxury car for the first time or planning to trade in your dull model to a more sophisticated one, our high-caliber finance service will serve as your bridge to the most reputable banks in the region.
Speak to our finance experts today!


  • Our team of friendly finance experts will provide you with an overview of the possible finance options even when you first visit our showroom.
  • By analyzing your profile, we will be able to help you save time and effort in approaching banks by yourself.
  • We will collate and prepare all the required documents, so that we can approach any bank anytime in case the loan approval doesn’t come from a single bank, for some reason. Hence, you will have a stress-free experience as we will handle all the legwork.
  • Upon bank approval, we will provide the necessary documentation and final disbursement documents to the bank to get full payment of the loan amount.
  • To further simplify the process, we will also handle the insurance for you.
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