5 Ways to Get Top Cash for Your Pre-owned Ford in Dubai

Ford in Dubai

So, you want to sell your car? Your old Ford in particular, but how exactly would you do that? And is there even a chance you will get good money out of it? Well, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that used cars are in absurdly high demand right now. The bad news is that if your car is too old, you might have lost a ton of value already. Despite that, the purpose of this article is to help illuminate the ways through which you can get top cash for your pre-owned Ford in Dubai.

The highlight is on Ford cars for now as they are very reliable and are considered a good bridge between an affordable car with all the right luxuries. There are plenty of used Ford in Dubai roads and there is a good reason for that. You can easily sell yours for good value as long as you do the following. Do not worry about the logistics or places to sell, for you can find plenty of buyers for a Ford in Dubai. You do need to give a considerable focus on these five ways to get top cash.

The 5 best ways to get top cash for a pre-owned Ford


1. Good conditioning

The first and most important tip is the condition of the car. The hope here is that you have been taking good care of your vehicle. Perhaps the number one factor that helps make a car desirable is the fact that it is in great condition. Let’s face it you look at something you want to buy and the only thing that matters at the point is how good it looks at a glance, first impressions matter.

Ensure that the car’s engine is working well, all the parts are in order, you have cleaned it, and there are not any persisting issues.

2. Keeping all the documents ready

When you are purchasing a Ford in UAE the last thing you want out of place is documentation. This statement is true even when you are selling a car. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t buy a car if the correct documents weren’t present, will you? This is why you have to ensure that the insurance is in place, you have the service manual, and you have all the receipts for any replacements.

The number one reason why old cars for sale in Dubai lose value is due to a lack of documentation. By keeping all the papers ready, you are not letting go of the reins of negotiation.

3. A thorough cleaning

When selling a car one thing you need to take care of is the hygiene of the car. You might be used to how your car is currently and despite you taking utmost care of it, it is advisable to get it cleaned thoroughly. The reason is that you may be used to how the car smells, looks, and feels. However, prospective owners might get turned off by the slightest issue.

A thorough cleaning session, for both the interiors and exteriors, can reveal hidden issues. The sooner you address them the better. There is also the matter of cleanliness, by showcasing a car that is spick and span, you are holding all the cards on the table.

4. Repairs

We are all aware of the impeccable reliability of a Ford. The American carmaker has some of the best servicing and repair work in the industry, and there is no reason for your car to miss out on that. Ensure that your used Ford in Dubai does not have any scratches, dents, breaks, damages, and faulty parts. Every repair work you do add value to the car. You will be able to fetch top cash for your Ford in Dubai if you ensure that all the parts are in place. Moreover, a prospective customer will be impressed with the fact that the used car has new parts!

5. Understanding the price

The final thing you need to learn is the pricing and the market for your car. While the used car market, in general, is thriving, there is still segment-specific demand and supply. Do proper research on your car and find out if there is a legitimate demand. You might end up spending a ton of money or getting it all ready for you to find out the car’s demand is shockingly low.

There is also the matter of understanding the price of your car. You want to be aware of the value of your car not be blindsided by underwhelming offers. By knowing the value, you can then flit around the perceived value and get an offer that suits both you and the prospective buyer.


By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to fetch top cash for a used Ford in Dubai. To sell your used Ford, you should also visit car dealerships. Places such as Sun City Motors offer top cash for used cars. To learn more, follow Sun City Motors on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

  • March 21, 2022
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