10 Steps to Improve Your Used Car’s Gas Mileage

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The world of used cars has changed a lot and you can find a range of deals that suit your budget. But there is a lingering doubt in your mind. Will the mileage of the car be as advertised or will it be lower? What can I do to fix the mileage? Can it be improved? What if the car has problems? Well, first we’d advise you to slow down.

Before we begin, we’d like to emphasize that it is important to buy used cars in Dubai from well known dealerships such as Sun City Motors. You will get a car with zero problems and will be able to get great gas mileage as they are well-maintained to deliver optimum performance.

But, if you still have qualms, worry not, for this guide is here to answer all your questions.

What maintenance improves gas mileage?

So, what can you do to improve mileage or even maintain it? Well, there is a laundry list of things we can always do. But before that, we must tell you that nothing can be more effective than regular maintenance of your car. The more frequently you service your car, the more likely you are to maintain good gas mileage.

What can I do to increase my car’s gas mileage?

So, advice is taken. You will now maintain the car better. But what can you do to add to the mileage? Or the better question would be, can you increase your car’s gas mileage? The short answer is yes.

When you buy used cars in Dubai you can always make improvements and adjustments to extract maximum mileage. Here are ten things you can do or ten steps you can take to improve the mileage of your car.

The ten steps to better mileage

1. Tire pressure

Having the right tire pressure can be a massive factor in determining efficiency. If even one of the tires in your car has a different pressure, you will see a drastic dip in mileage. Low tire pressure is quite common; around 60-80% of all cars on the road have underinflated tires.

Apart from wasting fuel due to inefficiency, low tire pressure can also cause the life of the tire to cut down. So you are facing two sets of problems. Maintain your used car’s tire pressure by getting it checked every three to four weeks.

2. Spark plug replacement

A used car is more likely to have spark plug issues than a new one. Regardless of the status of maintenance, you need to ensure that your car’s spark plug gets replaced regularly. No matter how long they are supposed to last, get them replaced a little early. Doing so will help you curb inefficient combustion and misfires. The increase in mileage will show up with time.

3. Tire alignment

The smallest error in alignment can lead to massive problems. An example on states that if your car’s alignment is just 0.017 inches off, you will be dragging your car sideways for 102 miles for every 20,000 miles you cover. That is a lot of extra work for your engine and will result in low mileage. By ensuring that your tires are aligned you will increase mileage, marginally for now but over a long time, it becomes a lot.

4. Accelerate slowly

You should not accelerate hard all the time. Sure there will be moments and spots where you will need to. Data reveals that hard acceleration while driving can result in up to 20% loss of mileage. You could be saving hundreds if you decide to accelerate slowly.

5. Clear clutter

Do not keep unnecessary weight in your car. Even a small amount of weight such as 100 pounds can drastically impact your mileage. Clear out clutter from your car. Empty bottles, backpacks, books, sports equipment, etc. You can also get rid of stuff you will rarely use, like bike mounts and roof racks.

6. Air dam

Change your air dam, or if it’s missing, replace it! Driving without it can seriously impact the mileage of your car. It is designed to not just look sporty but to force air up over the car and reduce drag. If for some reason it is broken or not in place, repair it!

7. Do not idle

Keeping your car idle also burns a lot of fuel. This is more common sense than actual advice on improving fuel economy. Keeping it on idle gives off way more pollution than when it is running. On top of that, newer cars have start-stop functionality to specifically cut down the problem of idling. If your used car in Dubai does not have that feature, try not to keep your car idle.

8. Drive at the economic limit

The limit is usually 80 kmph, which is also the ideal speed to be driving your car in. Maintaining this speed helps you extract maximum efficiency out of your engine. Mileage is at its best when you drive under this limit. But not too slow either. The speed range of 70-80 kmph is the sweet spot.

9. Keep an eye on the warning light

Most of us have been trained to ignore the warning signs or in this case warning lights in cars. Do not do that, if there is even one light blinking, do not ignore it. Get it fixed. Even the slightest issue means that the fuel is not burning completely, which in turn means your mileage is getting compromised.

10. Replace cabin air filter

A clogged or faulty cabin air filter forces your car’s blower to work harder, this means your ac is also working harder. Combine that with the increase in temperatures and it spells lower mileage. Replace your cabin air filter.


Following these steps, not necessarily in order can help you get the best out of your vehicle. If improving your used car’s mileage is the goal, follow them.

  • July 26, 2022
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