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Steps in Buying a Used Luxury Car in Dubai

One of the best things about Dubai is that residents work here tax-free. Hence, this is the ideal place for you to purchase a car. As an added bonus, whether you are looking for new or used car offers, you can find them with ease.

Here are the steps a first-time buyer like you should follow:


In order to look for the best car offers in Dubai, you need of course, to have a residence visa. Plus, you should have a valid UAE driver license. Foreigners may also use their driver licenses to get a UAE license without a driving test by simply filling out a license form in Arabic, passing an eye exam, presenting a passport from their mother country, and paying a fee.

Residents can buy car in Dubai through a professional retailer. Thanks to the internet, these new and used cars dealers in Dubai can easily be spotted.

Pay for the Automobile

Dealers of new and used cars provide purchasers the chance to finance their purchase. Typically, the terms of the car loans are between one and four years.

Buyers who require financing can also seek help from banks, which will give the loanee a series of post-dated checks to be given to the car dealer per month. Meanwhile, those who have available funds in their bank accounts can pay for their car purchase by writing a check.

After Purchasing the Car

The buyer of a used car for sale in Dubai should transfer ownership. Both the current and previous owner of the car need to fill out an application at Traffic Police, and present the following: the car’s insurance certificate, registration card, license plates, and proof the previous owner doesn’t have outstanding debt on the car in order to transfer ownership.

Those who are looking for car offers in Dubai should also take into account the insurance of the automobile. The owner can buy insurance through a reliable insurance company for four to six percent of the car’s value. In order to successfully purchase insurance, car owners ought to have a passport, UAE driver license, and proof the car was registered under the previous owner or car dealer.

After insuring the car, it has to be registered. The good news is that car dealerships help the new owner with this process both for new and used cars.

Are you looking for the best car deals in Dubai? Aside from simply focusing on the make and model of car you want to buy, it is also important to take into account all the steps you have to undergo to ensure that the car shopping experiences will not be a stressful one.

Here at Sun City Motors, we offer the best of both worlds: best car deals in Dubai and a smooth car shopping experience.

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