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BMW Unveils its i Vision Dynamics EV Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show

  • September 22, 2017

BMW’s latest concept at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show gives the automotive world a glimpse on how its luxury cars would look like in the future.

The i Vision Dynamics is touted as a capable performer featuring a number of interesting elements across its body. These include a blacked-out B-pillar that provides the side windows with a look of seamlessness, which gives a twist on the modern trend of blacking out C-pillars to provide the roof with a “floating” look. Plus, the windscreen blends into the roof, making the futuristic car look more glass than steel. Meanwhile, the headlights are sharp but the rear end is a quite over-sculpted.

The German automaker decided to shellac a modified set of its kidney grilles on the front of the car, which critics cite as a downside. This is because, according to them, electric cars don’t require the same kind of airflow via the front end that late-model gar cars do, so it ends up looking tacky and tacked-on.

There is also a battery-electric drivetrain under the body that offers a 373-mile range, likely gauged by the European standard. When it comes to speed, the i Vision is something that will impress drivers as its top speed is more than 120 mph, but it can reach 62 mph in less than 4 seconds.

The new concept promises to have a more toned-down appearance when produced.


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